Subfive Jazz Fusion in Japan

Subfive Jazz Fusion Band


Jazz Fusion in Japan

Swedish Jazz Fusion in Okinawa, Japan.

On Wednesday, October 19, 2011, members of the critically acclaimed Swedish Jazz Fusion Band, “Subfive,” will return once again to heat things up for hungry, enthusiastic audiences in Okinawa, Japan.

The Scandinavian group formed in the spring of 1999 and have since released 3 albums including their critically acclaimed 2003 debut album entitled, “City of Dreams,” their 2008 Japan realease, “Safari,” as well as a 2009 collaboration with an Okinawa based singer/songwriter ~ title unknown.

The cast of members includes:

Andreas Andersson – sax

Johan Oijen – guitar

Mats Bystrom – keyboards

Anders Pirinen – bass

Johan Lofcrantz – drums

On this tour, their are whispers that one or two members will not be attending (“mark them absent!”) and the band will be joined by the local Dutchman, the excellent drummer/percussionist Sebastian Kaptein who is a now long time veteran on the scene in Okinawa.

However, enjoying a live performance from this group on Okinawa will still be a rare treat. They have a clean, professional and innovative sound which is not usually available here and Mr. Kaptein is certainly up to the task.

The Subfive sound is an energetic and contemporary mixture of Jazz fused with R&B, Pop, Rock and Funk influences combined to create a Hard-Mixed,  Smooth Jazzy, auditory mèlange which should intrigue and satiate standard jazz heads and smooth jazz enthusiasts alike.

Members of this ensemble have performed around the world from Stockholm to Afghanistan and their experience shines through in the music.

Since forming, the group has toured extensively throughout Scandanavia, Europe, Asia and beyond. This will be their third tour of Okinawa and they have a long list of dates during their time here to include a more intimate showing on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 at Cotonoha Artspace and Cafe in Akamichi, Okinawa located on Hwy 330 approx. 2.5 km south of Futenma air station’s back gate.

Get English translated show times and ticket purchasing information for Subfive at Cotonoha here.

This will be a show providing top quality Live Jazz Okinawa style and it should not be missed. If you do, you’ll be sorry.

Additional Okinawa tour dates are below:

Oct 15 Foster Fest, Okinawa

Oct 16 Foster Fest, Okinawa

Oct 17 Livehouse Z-1, Naha

Oct 18 Livehouse Apache, Naha

Oct 19 Cotonoha Art Space, Ginowan

Oct 20 Livehouse Z-1, Naha

Oct 21 Ken’s House, Naha

Oct 22 Ken’s House, Naha

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