Standard Time Vol. 3


A special, one-time event will be performed by Troy Black and his friends on January 29, 2012.

The place?

COTONOHA Artspace + Café.

The reason?

As a musician who has been living and playing on Okinawa for a long time now, it is time for him to start cutting his teeth as a true band leader.

He has worked as a sideman and lead soloist with many musicians around the island playing everything from Rock and variety to Traditional Okinawan music, R & B, Funk, Fusion, Hip Hop, Blues, World Beat, Jazz, Afro Jazz, Big Band Jazz and even Classical.

During most of that time, he was playing what was required by the people who hired him or asked him to join them to play.

Now, Mr. Black will be playing what he wants to play and introducing at least one original tune. He says that, if he has his way, people will laugh a little, cry a little, and jiggle a little too. But most of all, he hopes that they will enjoy themselves and have fun.

But why now? Well one of the best reasons is the fact that the right members are here now. Yugo Satoh, a new arrival on the island via Yokohama, is an fantatstic guitarist who will be performing the show with Black. Also, Takao Hideki, a rising star on Okinawa’s musical skyline, will be on the Bass.

Also, Black has pulled out another surprise by using to show to give Okinawa a chance to meet William Logan, an excellent 23 year old drummer and percussionist from California who will be returning to the states shortly after this event is over making this a must see, one time event.

Mr. Black intends to perform a standard and alternative jazz format on the night to take full advantage of the talented line-up.


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  1. Yuno says:

    I missed it Mr.Troy!! How did it go?

  2. Melissa Plater says:

    Hey Troy
    Congratulation and good luck on 29th : )

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