About OkiJazz

Okinawa Ocean

Hello! Ohayo Gozaimasu!

In Okinawa, Japan, “Mensore” means welcome. So…

Mensore! Welcome to OkiJazz!

It can be surprising where you can find people who love Jazz Music, and Okinawa is one of the most surprising places around. That’s because, for a small island approximately 60 miles long and 17 miles wide in the middle of the Asia Pacific Ocean, there is still Jazz for everyone to enjoy.

OkiJazz is your source to find the great music that exists here because, even though the island is small, finding out where to go and hear great jazz music can still be a challenge.

Check in often to see what’s happening with music, food, and other information that will make you fall in love with the smooth sounds of Okinawa, Jazz style.

See you here again soon!