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Torii Beach Jazz & Salsa Festivale 2013

Jazz Festival

Finally, the Torii Beach Jazz & Salsa Festivãle is back. For the last couple of years, typhoons have put this fun festival on hold. This year, it looks like smooth sailing for the annual event. This year, the festival will run for three days starting on the 4th of July at 14:00 (2:00 p.m.) and it will run various events and performances until the 6th of July at 23:00 (11:00 p.m.).

The event will include food from various vendors, games for the kids, live music performances ranging from Oldies Rock and Roll to Salsa to Jazz Music. Fun for everyone!

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Japanese Big Bands Concert

Big Band Friendship Concert

Jazz de Night

Friendship Concert

4 local Japanese Big Bands & 2 Student Jazz Bands will perform at Music Town Otoichiba in Okinawa City.