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Enjoy the relaxing sounds of live music, light cuisine, art and a smooth, soothing and contemporary vibe at artspace and cafe COTONOHA. Check out the upcoming event schedule on the Event Programs & Shopping page (Japanese language only).


The Top Note
Restaurant and Music Spot
Top Note

Top Note Restaurant and Music Spot is located in Omoromachi (Shinotoshin) across from the Naha Main Place Shopping Center and Behind the Duty Free Station (DFS) near Naha and highway 330. The venue is clean and spacious, sporting live music, food, drinks, and a house stage that can rival the best on Okinawa! This venue was definitely designed with entertainment in mind first and foremost. It is also the chosen home of the Okinawa Jazz Association Jazz Orchestra as it also doubles as the regular rehearsal space for the band. The next time you are interested in some live entertainment, try and hit the Top Note!











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Chivalry, Solemnity, and Other Bad Ideas!

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Track Title: Coronado



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